Sourdough Pasta is live !

Sourdough Pasta is live !

From Tom and the team

Pasta… eating it can feel like a big warm hug… it really is a special food that holds so many memories.

For me, it started with a bowl of mum’s pasta, a regular at the family dinner table. Then, as a chef, it became that go-to meal whipped up in between kitchen services, eaten quickly before making a more decadent version for the diners that night.

I still eat pasta at least a few times a week. It's quick, versatile, and healthy when made well... which is why after some years of baking sourdough bread, we thought we would try sourdough pasta.

During the bakery journey, we have been lucky enough to have formed a friendship with Wholegrain Milling Co., who have been our main supplier of sustainably grown, stone-milled flours. Our shared values that parallel their relationships with Australian farmers and innovation towards sustainable certification of grains and cereal crops has led us to collaborate in our creation of sourdough pasta.

In this new chapter, there is a purpose-built pasta shed that sits next to the Wholegrain Milling Co., mill in Gunnedah, NSW, which allows us to create pasta on a scale that can reach the kitchens of more people, without compromising our food creation values.

As a team, we feel truly aligned with what we have created and are very excited to share it with you.

Yours in long-fermented sourdough pasta.

Tom Eadie

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