We are a team of food loving folks who turned much of our attention to traditional sourdough bread and the foods that accompany it.

Our offering changes with the seasons and is influenced by our desire to provide people with better choices for their health - creating real food for our community. This vision is brought to life through our suppliers of sustainable and organic ingredients which provide us with most of the ingredients we use in our kitchen and sell in the cafes.

We use ASP certified sustainable flour from our mates at Wholegrain Milling Co. who mill slowly and at cooler temperatures to preserve the precious essential enzymes and nutrients. 



Lover of all things food. Team builder, conservationist.

Matt Durrant

Artistic Director of the Bread Division

Dough runs in his veins with a family history of exceptional baking.

Aaron Field


Implementing local, organic vegetables into the seasonally driven café menu, the leader of our in-house fermentation classes.

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