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Country Loaf

Our new Country Loaf is made in a traditional pain de campagne style resulting in aromas and flavours reminiscent of Europe. Having quickly become one of our most popular breads, this traditional mix of rye and malted wheat flour results in a loaf with a crunchy crust and golden crumb. Our 1kg loaf is shaped as a traditional boule. 

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Bakers flour [wheat], rye, whole wheat [wheat], filtered water, toasted starter [wheat], malted wheat flour [wheat], salt.

Contains: wheat, gluten

Warming Instructions

Toast of course!

Our Country Loaf can also be refreshed in a preheated oven (170°c) for 20-25 minutes. For an extra crunchy crust, spray the loaf with a light spritz of water before placing in the oven. Finish in a hot oven (220°c) for the final 5 minutes.

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